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  • Where is The Sensory Box manufactured?
    All major components of The Sensory Box, including the inflatable pod and soft play elements are manufactured locally in South Africa. While some elements, especially the electronics and certain materials are imported, all assembly is done within South Africa.
  • Why The Sensory Box?
    We believe there is a need for Multisensory Therapeutic Environments to be more accessible in South Africa and beyond. The Sensory Box enables therapy to happen anywhere in a controlled sensory environment.
  • How does the The Sensory Box pod remain inflated?
    The pod houses a silent compressor within its walls that needs to be connected to a power source at all times during operation.
  • What are the dimensions of The Sensory Box pod?
    The inflatable pod that is the “shell” of The Sensory Box has been designed to comfortably fit into most therapy rooms, garages or large rooms in residences, while still providing sufficient space for therapy and being high enough for an adult to stand upright while inside. The dimensions are: 3m wide, 4m long and 2.4m high.
  • Is The Sensory Box wheelchair friendly?
    Yes. Due to the nature and structural integrity of the pod, the entrance itself is not accessible using a wheelchair. However, the pod is lightweight and not permanently attached to the mats. Thus, the pod can very easily be lifted up in order to wheel in a user that is wheelchair bound. There is ample space inside the pod to facilitate a wheelchair.
  • Is there sufficient ventilation inside The Sensory Box?
    The Sensory Box houses a vent that can be adjusted to control airflow within the pod. The air is pulled in from the environment surrounding the pod using the compressor that inflates the pod. The temperature inside the pod will thus be influenced by the environment within which it is placed. There is also the option of adding a fan, heater or air cooler inside the pod by plugging it into the electronics box.
  • How many people can fit inside The Sensory Box?
    The Sensory Pod's unique shape and design renders it very spacious inside - it is possible to fit upto 8 adults inside at once. However, it is not advised to conduct group therapy with more than 3 clients at a time, in order to ensure that therapeutic outcomes are met.
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