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Bellavista | Hubo | Sensory Box

The Sensory Box was uniquely designed by a multidisciplinary team with award-winning architects Hubo Studio and Bellavista S.H.A.R.E's industry leading experts on multisensory therapeutic environments.


Spaces at institutions tend to be rigid and outdated, and do not match updated philosophies. We need to adapt the box from within in order to offer truly inclusive spaces for the neurodivergent. 

The Sensory Box provides an escape from the outside world for individuals to regulate and then better integrate as a result. 


Bellavista S.H.A.R.E

Bellavista S.H.A.R.E. is the official training and development partner of The Sensory Box.

Training in will equip health professionals, caregivers, parents and educators to effectively and responsibly make use of the Sensory Box as an agile multisensory therapeutic environment.


In the hands of a skilled and enabling adult, the Sensory Box™ offers a powerful therapeutic tool for people who experience sensory disorders, anxiety or other dysregulation that may be linked to trauma, learning disabilities, brain injury, mental health challenges, developmental delay, autism or dementia.

The Sensory Box™ could relax, energize, stimulate or calm a person, according to that individual’s specific needs, if used together with the world class Issie Senses Methodology.


The Training

A three day Issie Senses Basic Course is offered and included in the purchase price of The Sensory Box™, which will equip the participants with training and therapeutic principles of how to work in a multisensory therapeutic environment using the world class Issie Senses

Course outline:

  • Introduction of the multisensory therapeutic environment 

  • The physical environment (Sensory Box)

  • Rationale of treatment

  • The ‘Enabling Therapist’

  • Transferring principles into the outside world

  • Sensory processing and sensory processing disorders

  • Communication and speech

  • Emotional therapy and family involvement 

  • Group therapy 

  • Assessment - from theory to practice 


Additionally, course participants will be eligible for post-training support following the course.

Supervision sessions will be held for two hours each month for six months. 


HUBO Studio

Hubo Studio is an award winning, young and energetic architectural and design firm based in the heart of Norwood, Johannesburg. Founded by Asher Marcus in 2017, the firm aims to approach every project with a unique and fresh perspective, and has been featured in multiple publications.

Asher Marcus leads a dynamic team that always strives to push the envelope of conventional design using a narrative that emphasises strong community engagement. 

Hubo Studio's ample experience in the design of child-centered spaces enabled them to expertly conceptualize and design The Sensory Box. 

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